I have 3+ years of work experience in startups, corporate, non-profit, education, and a small branding studio.

My past internships and freelance opportunities were at companies like Flipp, Universe (LiveNation), Koffler Art Gallery, York University, and Sheridan College. I did my undergrad at York/Sheridan Design between 2014—2019.

Right now, I’m working at NorthOne as a design intern. My passion projects are driven by social impact with attention to expressive typography.

I’d be happy to chat about full-time design opportunities, collaboration on select projects, and even a hello! If you like animal crossing, bonus points :)

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Daily Thought: Black Lives Matter
Last Update: 06.2020.

I’m Heather! A Toronto-based visual designer.


Ads, Marketing, Social Content—Current

Currently, I am a designer on the Growth Team at NorthOne. I design social content, execute ads on various social channels, illustrate blog content, and design internal marketing resources.

Soft Words

Personal Project—Web design, branding

On March 24, 2020, I learned that my family member was intubated for COVID-19. He, like many hardworking individuals, is a service worker; meaning that he had shown up to work every day to provide for himself and his family. 

On March 28, 2020, Soft Words was born, a crowd-sourced project where anyone with the link could read and write anecdotes of positivity. There were over 150 visitors and 23 contributions of strength and support. 

Meet Me in the Middle

Thesis—Editorial Design

Meet Me In The Middle is the output of a year long thesis project at York/Sheridan design in 2019.
The publication holds a spotlight over words, thoughts, and imagery that may otherwise be overlooked or regarded as incomplete. It spans topics such as sexuality, mental health, and the banal, in attempts to recognize the process of the course over a conclusive whole.

My thesis advisor happened to be everyone’s favourite type designer, Paul Sych.

Sophie Helf’s essay, “From Cigarettes to Something Else.”

Universe, a division of
Live Nation

Product Design, Marketing Design —4 month Internship

From May 2018-August 2018, I was a product design intern at Universe. I was tasked with tackling mobile and desktop experiences of a new reserved seating feature.

I also spent my internship working on marketing landing pages and blog material.

I worked closely with Shiera Aryev, Arthur Chayka, Juan Beltran, and Gabrielle Hague.

Wireframing by Juan Beltran, copy by Erica Floyd, development by Taylor Cooney.