Hello, I’m Heather.
   I’m a brand designer.

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I’m a designer at a Toronto-based start up called Drop ︎ 

Drop is a cashback rewards app, partnering with brands like Glossier, Mejuri and SSENSE to name a few.

My past lives have all included growth marketing in some capacity, so naturally I’ve found myself in the world of paid ads. As the sole designer on acquistion, my responsibilities include designing ads on various networks.   

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When I’m not working at Drop, I spend my evenings and weekends collaborating with the geniuses behind OpenUnit. Stay tuned for brand & comms roll out ︎



Before Drop and OpenUnit, I worked with the growth and content marketing teams at NorthOne.

NorthOne has a goal of helping small businesses owners across America by alleviating the burdens that come with running a small business. 

During my 6 month contract, my responsibilities included designing ads across various ad networks (fun fact: I beat control twice in Q3), illustrating for SEO blog articles, and designing posts and stories on @northone.banking. 

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& Social Content

Soft Words

On March 28, 2020, I launched Soft Words, a submissions based web project to share positivity. The project fostered over 272 visitors from 77 different cities all over the world; New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Frankfurt, Wailea-Makena to name a few!

At some point, I hope to make a zine with each of these submissions.

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