Hi, I’m Heather!

I’m a visual designer with a knack for thoughtful typography and design systems.

I have 3.5 years of work experience as a 3x Intern and Freelance Junior Designer for companies like NorthOne, Flipp, Universe (Live Nation & Ticketmaster), Koffler Art Gallery, York University, and Sheridan College.

I did my undergrad at York/Sheridan Design between 2014—2019.

I’d be happy to chat about full-time design opportunities, collaboration on select projects, or simply a hello! 

Feel free to spelunk:
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Last Update: 09.2020.

Growth, Content Marketing Design—Current


Welcome to my portfolio :~) Right now, I work at a neobank called NorthOne! I design on the Growth & Content teams with a goal of helping small businesses owners across America. 

My responsibilities include designing ads across various ad networks (fun fact: I beat control twice in Q3), illustrating for SEO blog articles, and designing all the posts and stories you see on @northone.banking. Occasionally I’ll design email campaigns and print work too.

I work daily with art director and designer, Mike Zurek, as well as coworkers with VICE, Frank & Oak, and McKinsey backgrounds.