Hi, I’m Heather!

I’m a visual designer with a knack for thoughtful typography and design systems.

I have 3.5 years of work experience as a 3x Intern and Freelance Junior Designer for companies like NorthOne, Flipp, Universe (Live Nation & Ticketmaster), Koffler Art Gallery, York University, and Sheridan College.

I did my undergrad at York/Sheridan Design between 2014—2019.

I’d be happy to chat about full-time design opportunities, collaboration on select projects, or simply a hello! 

Feel free to spelunk:
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Daily Thought: BLM
Last Update: 09.2020.

Personal Web Project—March 2020

Soft Words

On March 24, 2020, my family member was intubated for COVID-19. He, like many hardworking individuals, is a service worker; meaning that he had shown up to work every day to provide for himself and his family. 

On March 28, 2020, I launched Soft Words, a crowd-sourced online project. There were over 150 visitors and 23 contributions of support. 

At some point, I hope to publish a book with each of these submissions.